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Spooky Twosome

In the Spooky Spirit? 

Enjoy two Spooky experiences from Historic Philadelphia, Inc.

At the Betsy Ross House, travel back to 18th century Philadelphia and learn about the City's gruesome history of infections and inoculation. Hear true tales of bloodletting, small pox, yellow fever and other gross experiences from someone who lived through it. THEN - take a spooky, candlelit, self-guided tour of the Betsy Ross House. Don't forget to visit Betsy's grave while you visit!

Over at Franklin Square, Play if you dare! Embrace spooky fun as Center City’s only miniature golf course transforms into Spooky Mini Golf! Fog, lights, music, and frightening surprises await at every hole as you navigate the 18-hole course featuring reproductions of Philadelphia icons and landmarks. 

Warning: Contains theatrical fog, strobe lights, music, props and reduced lighting, which may be unsuitable for some guests.